Frequently Asked Questions


What are your check-in and check-out times?
Check-in is at 3 p.m. Check-out is at 10. a.m.
Is it possible to delay the check-out time?
Yes. You will be charged 10% of the regular rate for every extended hour.
Please note that checking out after 4 p.m. will result in charging you the rate for another overnight stay.
Do you have Internet access?
Yes. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available in the following areas:
Guest rooms / 1F lobby / 2F lobby / Banquet rooms / Restaurants
*Cable Internet access is also available in guest rooms.
Is nightwear available at your hotel?
Yes. We have nightwear and slippers available for the booked number of adults.
Nightwear is 100% cotton with button front.
*No child nightwear available.
*Nightwear and slippers are allowed only in accommodation areas/floors.
Do your rooms have a refrigerator?
Yes. You may store beverages or foods purchased outside.
Is there a coin laundry available at your hotel?
Yes. There is a laundry room available on the 3rd floor.
*Open 24 hours
*Washing ¥300 / Drying (30 min) ¥100 / Detergent ¥100
Is there a common bath (natural hot spring) available?
No common bath available inside the hotel. We have a bathroom in every guest room.
- Two public baths are available within a 10-minute drive: "Shunkou no yu"(inside Trimpark, a fitness center/Fujita machi) "Saikou no yu" (Shin-Kattachi machi)

Nearby Area

Are there convenience stores near your hotel?
- Lawson Hinodemachi (within a 10-minute walk)
- Omuta Youme Town (within a 5-minute walk/ Close: 10 p.m.)
- Vending machines available in the accommodation area.


Do you have outside parking?
Our Hotel New Gaea Omuta Garden offers parking with spaces for 120 cars. Ovenight guests are able to use parking for free of charge.
The parking gate is located on the leftside of the front entrance. Please bring the ticket to the front desk.